Indigenuity project/ Kløkt

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Indigenuity project/ Kløkt is a web page, a project and an exhibition.

Growing up in an area where self-reliance is the ideal and where interior design is virtually unheard of, we have learned to appreciate the creative approach towards using limited resources and the distinct I-can-fix-it attitude in solutions and constructions, realized through the ability to make use of the available materials at hand, self-made inventions and experience.


8 Responses “Indigenuity project/ Kløkt” →

  1. Påskeharen

    28. October 2011

    Biggest boots I’ve ever seen.

  2. Gratulerer!!

  3. Gratulerer med utstillingsåpning!!

  4. Ojoj, masse gratulerer her


  5. johnny berg

    1. November 2011

    Yes. They are big boots. You have to cross the border over to Fionland to buy boots as big as these. They dont sell them in Norway

  6. Så utstillinga på Grenselandsmuseet i Kirkenes i dag. Fantastisk flott prosjekt! Gleder meg til mere fra dere i ord og bilder! Hilsen Eva Bakkeslett

  7. takk! det var veldig fint å høre!

  8. M’agrada la nova presentació de diapositives !!!!!!


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